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Date Night

Date Night One of the most important things you will ever do in your married life, will be to regularly diarise in some great date nights with your significant other. Now this couple be a few hour of absolute bliss, yet at the same time could strike fear into the heart of many fearless men. We are proud to bring you the other side of the story men... Written by a blogging mom who married an adventurous man. They have three young kids. She is loving the adventure of being a woman, wife and mother. Liezl. (All characte [...]  Read more >

The 45 Qualities Every True Leader Must Have

The 45 Qualities Every True Leader Must Have The material we are presenting is designed for the study of the individual who aspires to become a leader. This is only one approach. There are hundreds of approaches, but it is believed that a careful analysis and application will enable an individual to become a leader. In short, every individual possesses inherent qualities that may be molded into leadership. Some find it more difficult to attain than others, but all leaders have one characteristic in common; the unalterable desire to become a leader. T [...]  Read more >

Meet the new you... possibly

Meet the new you... possibly Right so first off lets get something clear and out of the way, lumber sexuality is not a new comfortable sex position. No way at all. In fact its a new coinage of man and his masculinity. But the two million dollar questions are... IS he real and is he me? Lets talk about that for a minute. So lumbersexual is actually a trend in men's attire, said to have emerged brawny and glistening from last decade's zeitgeist, with the blood of the Metrosexual on his hands, the Lumbersexual tempts us all with his big [...]  Read more >

Beards & Business: How to tell your boss you’re growing a beard

Beards & Business: How to tell your boss you’re growing a beard We’re in the middle of a Beard Revolution! In recent years (at least since the 70s) men have been all but forced to remain completely shaven in the workplace. Beards have been looked down upon for creating the impression of “dishonesty and untrustworthiness”. What a load of CROCK! The very men that helped lay the foundation of this beautiful country were known to grow facial hair! Fortunately more and more men are stepping up to the plate, growing some balls and growing their facial hair out. The result [...]  Read more >
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