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Date Night

Date Night

One of the most important things you will ever do in your married life, will be to regularly diarise in some great date nights with your significant other. Now this couple be a few hour of absolute bliss, yet at the same time could strike fear into the heart of many fearless men.

We are proud to bring you the other side of the story men... Written by a blogging mom who married an adventurous man. They have three young kids. She is loving the adventure of being a woman, wife and mother. Liezl. (All characters are fictional.)

“Hi Hon! How was your day?” he asks as he enters the kitchen where I am frantically willing the water to boil for our pasta dish tonight. Dinner-prep is already half hour behind schedule.

Without taking my eyes off the pot filled with not-yet boiling water, I reply: “Fine. Just fine, thanks”.

Honestly, I am not fine. Jimmy got sick at school and vomited all over his teacher and because I had to go get him from school, I missed my deadline. I had to deal with the death stare of Miss Arlington, the grade 5 teacher who looked more mentally unstable than usual. And I had to deal with the verbal death threats of a boss who could probably fire me for insubordinate behaviour since I ran out of the office without explanation to save my child from a psychotic teacher who might've been pushed over the edge by... And then I was almost pushed over the edge by...

The water is boiling and the pasta's cooking. Better get the sauce going. I am reminded of the nastiness I had to deal with in my car a few hours ago. But I push back the nauseating thoughts because there is no time to dwell on the past right now: If Jocelynne does not get to bed early tonight, then tomorrow morning's going to be a much bigger problem.

“You're not fine,” he says, matter of fact. “You look exhausted. Rough day, right?!”

Yeah, right. What an understatement.

“How bout we go out Friday night," he continues. "Do something different. No cooking. Dinner at a restaurant. Just us, chatting and chilling. Brett told me about a new place that has incredible food. Lets go try it out. Can you ask your mom to look after the kids? I think that will do you – do us – the world of good. Some time out to just chill with my babe, what do you think?”

Okay, here's the thing: What exactly does 'no cooking' mean? I can't just let the kids (and my mom) go hungry. And dinner at a place Brett recommended? No thanks. He loves his food greasy and meaty. The more meat, the better. It is far from the fine dining I want to enjoy.


Why is it that men can trust technology for directions but when it comes to choosing a restaurant, it has gotta be their best bud's advice...what about having a look at some google reviews. There's plenty of websites that cover food far better than Brett and his romance with steaks.

And asking my mom? Totally out of the question. We haven't spoken since our fallout two weeks ago. She is avoiding me. Besides, why should I always be the one to organise a baby sitter? It's the hardest part of the whole damn date night experience. You try asking for once. But no, all you need to do is pitch up and pay up. Easy. Try pleading and then having to spend hours preparing for the babysitter. And preparing the kids too! Its like having to organise a date to go on a date.

And then, somewhere, in-between, I still have to find the time to dress myself and look killer spectacular. Which reminds me, what will I wear? I don't have anything to wear. Sure, I do have a wardrobe full of clothes but if we're going to go somewhere fancy... well, I don't think I have something that fits the category. Really.

He wraps his strong arms around me and whispers gently, “so, what do you think?”

I can't seem to recall what I was thinking. “Sure, that sounds wonderful! I'll chat to Mom.”