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Ten things every man should own

Ten things every man should own

Chatting to a friend the other day about what would be his list of ten things every man should own, we discovered how uniquely similar certain items were and how vastly different other things were. It boiled down to what our fathers found important and necessary to carry around. I suppose its really an age old tradition of father to son heritage. Now let's just get one thing clear, this list in not exhaustive, but its the stuff we are ORREN Lifestyle, thought would be essential for a healthy daily life. Before you ask it, Yes we own at least 9 of the 10 things.

So here is the ORREN Lifestyle’s guide to the things every man should own.

Pocketknife/Multi Tool

For most of my adult life I was never the pocket knife guy. I have always owned a few pocketknives and always came with me on a hike or camping trip. However, recently I started to carry one of my ORREN Knives around wherever I go and wow have I found it useful, true I don't use it everyday but surprisingly more often that I would have thought.

At least one living plant

There is something deeply human about caring for something living that is not yourself. Not matter if its a succulent that only needs watering once a month or a full blown outside veggie garden, Urban flat dwellers or renters. Get a plant and don’t let it die! Put it in your kitchen, bathroom or home office if you have one. Build a window box, grow wheatgrass, no matter if you have green thumbs or not.

A library card

I am all for not wasting paper, but I am a far bigger fan of getting away from that computer/tablet/phone screen. Any library no matter how big or small is a genuine gift to your community. It full of books, great books, books that will take you on a mental journey you have never even thought of taking. Not to mention how there is something almost nostalgic in the smell, touch and feel of a great book. Get out the house, get away from that computer screen, exercise the brain and grab a book from your local library. You’ll miss it when they are gone.

Weekend Getaway Bag

I suppose this is necessary for everyone, but even more so if you work for yourself. As a modern man we are spending more and more time at work, learning, working, researching, reading and whatever else you do. So why not get a getaway bag, don’t overthink this, just something with a change of underwear and a fresh shirt, pair of jeans and a magazine. Take a quick road-trip, go fishing with a buddy. Just hit the road.

A bicycle

I am just going to say it. Everyone needs a bike. Somehow the world just seems a little different when viewed from two wheels. When you were a kid a bike meant freedom and adventure and to be honest that is never really lost when we grow up. You can ride it for transportation, for fitness, to save money or if your joints cant handle the impact of jogging. Bikes are awesome, you don’t need the latest carbon fibre frame, even a second hand bike will do. Just get a bike that fits and check that the brakes are in good shape.

Jumper Cables

If you have ever been stuck with a flat battery, then you understand the value of jumper cables. Bring out the inner hero and be that guy who has a pair of jumper cables. Remember that cute girl stuck on the side of the road with the bonnet open? Yup go be that guy and rescue your damsel.

A regular Appointment that's not part of your job

I know so every dad just looked up and said What the… But seriously, break the monotony of Eat. Sleep. Work. Take a class, play a team sport, meet a buddy for a beer. Join a book club, volunteer at a community garden. Routine is not everything, but it will bring out the creativity in you and give you some balance.

A great pair of Sunglasses

We are not talking expensive here, however it needs to be better than the discount special at your local petrol station. Sunglasses are more than just a fashion accessory, they are manly and good for yoru eye health, especially the porpoised lens types. A great pair of sunglasses protect your eyes from the harsh glare of the sunlight and protect the sensitive skin around your eyes (Yeah I know your a guy, but trust me the skin around your eyes is not a rugged and fierce as you think it is).

A notebook, sketchpad or journal

One of the greatest gifts of the modern man is in our ability to reflect, organize and prioritize. Take notes, jot down an idea make a sketch, whatever, somehow by putting pen to paper gives you a sense of accomplishment. No matter what you do, make, create or think about there is a case to be made about doing it away from the screen. Keep two notebooks, a pocket size once to carry around with you and a nice decent leather bound one for journaling and reflection.

A Wrist Watch

When did we ever think we could do away with a proper wrist watch and replace it with a cellphone. That might be practical for for a casual work day but a good wrist watch says something about your style and just a hint about your character and attention to detail. It’s so much more than just a time piece, it’s a fashion accessory that oddly enough everyone notices. I reckon get two; one for dress and one for casual wear. You don’t want to whip out your mobile to check the time during a business meeting or out on a date, its communicates something far different when you check the time with a watch.